months of



 Photography Mentoring

with Jenna Shouldice

AN IMMERSIVE, interdisciplinary approach for those looking to grow their work and strengthen their voice.

A mentor can listen to your words and experiences, look critically (not negatively but with acute attention) at your work and your process and reflect back to you what is working, what serves you best and where your voice is the strongest.

Jenna Shouldice
Jenna Shouldice

I think that there are lots of photographers (artists) out there, often women but not always, who are hungry for dynamic conversations about photography but when they extend their branches in search of these conversations, they are most often met with advice from gear heads, or practical business ideas. While understanding gear and how to market yourself is extremely valuable, this is not the type of conversation these people are looking for. 

What if instead, we talked about photography (art) with a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach? What if we considered psychology, point of view, lived experience and embodiment all to be on a higher pedestal than technical discussions? I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk about anything technical ever again, those conversations in context are both valuable and necessary. But instead what if both facets of conversation went hand in hand? What if we saw our technical choices as emotional choices? What if we directed our attention to how our bodies react to what’s in front of us? What if we created more awareness around what holds us back and what pushes us forward in a given moment, how we would we react in the field then? If we could support our interests with technical choices, could we view technical in a whole new way?

I think yes. How I play with these ideas is the main difference in how I teach and mentor photographers. If you’re hungry for these conversations and photographic growth in a way that feels dynamic and personalized, we’ll love working together.

This year’s mentoring is for those are looking to grow their work (at any stage) and develop or strengthen their voice. I firmly believe that our work serves us best when it speaks to who the artist is and how they see the world in their own individual way. We stand out the most when we are the most ourselves, and yet it is so hard to determine what is unique about the way we see and that’s where support in learning is helpful! 

A mentor can listen to your words and experiences, look critically (not negatively but with acute attention) at your work and process and reflect back to you what is working, what serves you best and where your voice is the strongest. This is what I absolutely adore about working with photographers. The same observation skills I use as a photographer serve me to help you sort out where your perspective lives. 

I genuinely believe when you give yourself permission to embrace imperfection and allow yourself to fall in love with process, you see the most growth in your work. As a bonus, you’re likely to build a sustainable art practice (and way of being) that is rich in meaning and joy.

Over the next 12 months we will focus on



Development of personal photographic style

Through self-discovery and photographic experimentation assignments

Student(s) will participate in group discussions, prompted journaling, and will begin saving and organizing art that speaks to them from other genres and techniques. We take an interdisciplinary approach referring to various sources (including books, podcasts, works of art etc.) as a way of building an understanding of personal themes and concepts.


Refinement of photographic communication

Through technical assignments and discussion of photographic theory, including storytelling tools and compositional awareness

Student(s) will participate in photographic assignments designed to further their technical proficiencies. These will include assignments that expose the student to various approaches to making photographs in a variety of environments. 


Development of personal perspective

Through self-reflection and theory assignments

Student(s) will engage in in-depth discussions and self-reflections surrounding their experiences in the field as well as their experiences in life. We will look closely at their creative processes, and tendencies, and highlight their individual perspective(s).


Development of workflow and practices to support continued growth

Through continual building of technical and intellectual systems

Student(s) will develop a system over the course of the year that sets them up for success in the future when mentoring has been completed. This may include a proficient workflow, as well as intellectual and emotional approaches to challenges and projects that come their way. 

Curious about what others have to say?

Watch Dr. Mark Looney describe what it’s like to be mentored by me





Weekly Classes and 1:1 mentoring sessions with Jenna on Tuesdays, typically starting at 10am, Pacific Time.

The program starts February 2024 and ends January 2025


 Online via Zoom!

You can take this class from anywhere in the world so long as you can make the live class times on a regular basis.

All class recordings are saved and available to rewatch throughtout the program.


This 12 month mentoring program is best for photographers who are drawn to documenting families, births, weddings or personal projects from a documentary photography perpsective.

You do not have to have a business and all levels are welcome so long as you love photography!

You’re likely ready for this group if:

  • You enjoy critical thinking and being inspired

  • Maybe you’re a bit of a geek!

  • You have something to say but aren’t exactly sure how to say it, or you’re curious if you’re saying it well 

  • You want to refine your photographic communication

  • You see people and want them to feel seen

  • You need an excuse for a new notebook! Or two!?

  • You’re ready to enjoy the process of learning and find freedom in the editing process, and are ready to ditch perfection

  • You thrive on the company of like-minded creatives, or you think you do but can’t find anyone yet!

  • You love a good conversation!

  • The words “photography” or “interdisciplinary” or “process” are thrilling to you.

  • Perhaps the word “thrilling” is thrilling to you!

The last thing that I’m super proud of, and that made me think of you with all my heart, is that yesterday I went out photographing and for the first time in a very long time, I have felt my body sing, and my soul sing in tune, when I’ve seen a photograph. It was not actually a photograph, it was the light and the potential of a photograph, but my body reacted to it. And it felt like a bucket of cold water on a sleepy body. I loved it. I just, the surge of adrenaline that went through my body it was, absolutely delicious.

Former Student (Italy)
12 months of in-depth mentoring


$5600 CAD

Approx. $4100 USD / € 3800 EUR

Monthly payment plan available.
All prices are in Canadian dollars and include any applicable taxes.
When in doubt, please always get in touch with me to see how we’ll best be able to work together.

You don’t have to be at a certain place in your work to soak in the benefits of being mentored. If you’re waiting until you’re ‘good enough’ the chances are you won’t leap because ‘good enough’ is just something you’re telling yourself. I don’t expect you to be perfect and why would I? That would be boring. I’m not perfect and I’ll never claim to be! I hope to guide you toward loving the process of growth and learning, and I will help you get your work where you want it to be in the process. No artist should be an island! Sometimes the path to improvement isn’t what we expect, and generic photography advice won’t apply to you. I’m here to help navigate what actual photographic growth looks like for you. I hope you join us!
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